Discover The Unique ‘Know-How with Show-How’ Monthly Training that Transforms Your Business from ‘Rolling the Dice, Random Acts of Marketing’ Into An Autopilot Profit System, and it Does it With Lightning Fast Speed, GUARANTEED!

From: Andrew Lock

Dear Friend,

I’m often asked, ‘What is the single most important piece of advice you would give to someone starting their own business?’

That’s easy.  It’s the need to create a system.  Nothing will fast-track your business profits like having an automated system, I guarantee it.  It’s the big breakthrough that YOUR business needs right now.  My guess is that up until now, you’ve just been rolling the dice with ‘random acts of marketing’ and you don’t have a system running your business for you.

Here’s why a SYSTEM is so powerful:

Let’s face it, no business owner has unlimited time, energy or financial resources, so it’s obvious why having systems are so critical to the success of your business.

Dan Kennedy, the famous millionaire maker with thousands of success stories, agrees.  In his ‘Renegade Millionaire’ program Dan cites the need to create systems as the highest priority in any business. This is one of those ‘kick yourself’ obvious breakthroughs that makes so much sense!

The problem is, where do you start?

There’s so much information out there and it’s an increasing nightmare to sift through it all, isn’t it?

Being Bombarded with ‘Ideas’ is Bad for Your Business

Probably like most people, you’re bombarded with daily emails, magazine advertising etc, all claiming to offer the next big thing in marketing.  But what really works?  And perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work?  After all, your time, energy and money are precious resources that shouldn’t be squandered.

Unfortunately, you’ve already experienced that there’s a lot of bad advice out there, and it’s easy to waste a lot of energy chasing marketing ideas that lead you down a road to nowhere.

Over the last few years I’ve personally grown increasingly frustrated with the number of publications and courses that tell you WHAT to do in GENERAL terms, but not HOW to do it, SPECIFICALLY.  Finally, I reached breaking point a few months ago.  I’d heard from so many people who had spent considerable sums of money on courses, seminars, newsletters or even ‘coaching’ that provided little value - they were just teased - like a dangling carrot that keeps moving away as you get nearer.   Sadly, it seems like the order of the day is to over-promise and under-deliver, and that’s not right.

That’s why I just had to do something drastic about it.  So I spent several months developing a unique new format that combines the very best business SYSTEMS with SPEED.   In other words, I’m going to SHOW YOU HOW to implement the very best systems, INSTANTLY.

I honestly believe that what I’m about to unveil is the big breakthrough your business needs (and I’m willing to prove it at my risk - more on that in a moment).

Here’s How To Put Your Business on Steroids and Get Instant Results, Even if Everything Else You Have Tried Has Failed…


THIS  is the publication I wish I’d had when I first started in business many years ago.  Really! In fact, this new service can now make YOU financially independent for the rest of your life.

What EXACTLY is ‘Microwave Marketing’
and How Will It Benefit You?

Let me start by telling you what it’s not:

It’s NOT theory.  It’s NOT a rehash of outdated or tired old concepts.  It’s NOT about giving you only half the pieces of a puzzle and leaving you to figure out the rest.

Think of Microwave Marketing as ‘paint by numbers’ marketing.  Quite simply, if you can read a book and watch TV, you can make money with Microwave Marketing.

An Industry Dream Team Working For You!

Andrew Lock

My team and I continually research, test, and ‘cut through the crap’ to bring you step-by-step instructions that explain HOW to implement only the very best, proven tools, resources and marketing methods for your business.  It’s the ideal format for busy people like yourself..

Every issue enables you to accelerate your profits, automate marketing systems, and free up more time.  Frankly, it’s the ultimate shortcut to success.

As you may know, my success story was featured in the DVD movie, ‘The Phenomenon’ and I’m continually asked to reveal the exact processes I use in my business. Until now, those systems have been off limits.  Now you get to lift the veil on my business and look behind the scenes at ALL the insider secrets that I and many other ‘Phenomenon’ pros use.  I don’t hold anything back, and you’ll find top tips from numerous industry experts within each issue.  Make no mistake, this is the very same knowledge that we each spend high 5 figure sums acquiring each year. Now, you can also profit from the wisdom of the world’s best marketing experts.

Here’s What Comes With Each Issue of ‘Microwave Marketing’:

Every month, you’ll receive the following, rushed direct to your door:

Tutorials CD / DVD with simple screen capture videos for you to follow
Printed Newsletter with step-by-step instructions for every topic
Hot Sheet ‘Special Report’
 ‘Red Hot Resources’ Report
Weekly 'Microwave Marketing Breakthroughs' email that reveal the very latest cutting-edge tools
‘Recommended Reading’ Book Summaries with Action Points

And, there’s even a few valuable surprises thrown in that I can’t reveal here in print.  Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed…

What Topics Are Covered in ‘Microwave Marketing’?

The short answer to that question is, everything you need!  Over time you’ll receive a marketing education that I truly believe will go far beyond that taught at any conventional business school or even university course.  And you’ll be able to apply your new found skills to any business you choose, now and in the future.  You’ll be the ‘go to guy’ (or girl) within your circle of friends, and you could even hire yourself out as a consultant to help other businesses.

Here are some of the ‘how to’ topics you’ll find in just the first few issues of ‘Microwave Marketing’:

  • Effective Copywriting Formulas You Can Use Instantly

  • Easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques Anyone Can Do

  • Setting Up and Managing Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns in Less Than 30 Minutes

  • Little Known Sources to Get More Web Traffic Revealed (they’re not what you think)

  • How to Write Press Releases and Where to Submit Them

  • Into Traffic From Social Media Sites and Promote Your Business

  • How to Outsource Artwork, Graphics, Website Creation, Transcription & More for Little Cost

  • Proven Business Blueprints You Can Use

  • How to Set up and Use MindMaps That Will Radically Transform Your Speed of Success

  • 9 Free Sources of High Quality Ready-Made Multimedia Content You Can Tap Into Today

  • How to Get Set up as a Printing Agent with VistaPrint for Even Lower Prices

  • The ‘Secret’ Websites Where You Can Buy Almost Anything for up to 75% off Normal Prices

  • How to Get FREE Advertising in Major Local, National and even International Publications

  • Where to Get Amazingly High Quality Stock Photos, Images and Graphics for FREE

  • How to Find an Endless Stream of New Product Ideas with Customers Waiting to Buy!

  • How to Find an Endless Stream of New Product Ideas with Customers Waiting to Buy!

  • How to Sell Other People’s Products for Profit, with No Investment or Risk To Yourself

  • The Inexpensive Way to Produce and Submit Videos Fast.

Microwave Marketing is DIFFERENT In Just About EVERY Way

This brand new monthly publication combines systems with speedEvery strategy, system, tool and resource can be implemented in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed!  There’s simply no other training resource like this that shows you the EXACT, STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS to get measurable results, almost instantly.

Look at ‘Microwave Marketing’ as hiring me and my team to gather, sift, sort and share ONLY the most valuable marketing systems and breakthroughs with you.  Don’t look it as paying for pages

Turn the page and continue reading….

of paper and ink – that’s the view of a short-sighted business owner, not a serious entrepreneur.  Considering I routinely charge $350.00 per hour for consulting (with no openings as I write this), you’ll obviously agree that $47 a month ($57 internationally) is an absolute bargain. Think of it this way: if you conservatively look at ‘Microwave Marketing’ as 2 hours of marketing consulting each month (it’s actually much more), that represents a value of $700.00 per month, so you get a $653 discount!

Who MUST Subscribe?

If you have a strong, serious interest in placing your business profits on the fast-track then you’ll benefit greatly from ‘Microwave Marketing.’ 

See if one of these 6 descriptions fits you:

  • The small business owner who is "working too hard to make a living" or always WORRYING about where his next customers are coming from.  If you are regularly ending your days feeling frustrated and exhausted, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and not making progress, Microwave Marketing is for you.

  • Owners, Presidents & Executives of mid-sized companies frustrated with slow growth and tough competition that seem intent on continually lowering prices. Microwave Marketing will SHOW YOU how to overcome these obstacles and more, fast!

  • Men and Women stuck in unfulfilling jobs....eager to own their own businesses, to find new opportunities, to take control of their life and do something interesting and exciting.

  • Sales professionals tired of "cold calling”, tired of battling with unscrupulous competitors, thinking 'there must be a better way.'

  • Internet savvy entrepreneurs who know they are a lot smarter than the many ‘kids’ who’ve made millions online.

  • Self-employed professionals or anyone in the retail or service businesses.  You realize that there’s plenty of opportunities to expand your business, you’re just not sure how, and you’re afraid of making costly mistakes.

Who Should NOT Subscribe?

A legitimate reason not to subscribe would be if you have all the business you can handle right now.  If so, congratulations, I’m genuinely happy that you’re business is doing so well.  Otherwise, the reasons to say ‘no’ are frankly excuses or mistakes.  Some are too lazy to follow the step-by-step instructions in each issue.  Some are too disorganized to set aside an hour or two out of 720 each month to take their business to expand their profits.  Some too cheap.  Only you can decide into which group you fit.

I already know of course, by name, the ‘superstars’ among existing subscribers who’ll be racing to acquire and implement Microwave Marketing, regardless of the price, because they understand the value of systems and speed of implementation.  These smart cookies will grab this training, follow

Turn the page and continue reading….

the instructions step-by-step, and make a fortune from it.  Their behaviour is deliberate and directly attributable to their success. Again, you get to decide which group you prefer being part of.

What Do Others Say About It?


What’s the Investment?

If you’re anything like the small number of business owners I had ‘preview’ Microwave Marketing’, by now you’re really, really curious, - and perhaps apprehensive - about the cost of membership.

I had these ‘guest’ previewers guess, and the lowest figure suggested was $97 a month.  Many suggested $297 a month.  I agreed that membership is easily worth that much because the return on investment is guaranteed, but I also realized that such a fee might still be out of reach initially, for some small business owners.

The business owners who received the ‘preview’ edition were shocked at how low I’d set the investment – and, of course, insisted on joining immediately.  I expect you’ll react the same way!

Limited Time, Special Offer

I want to get this important training to as many business owners as possible.  I also want to protect the value by only allowing serious business owners to acquire and use the powerful strategies in each issue.  I'm seriously considering raising the price to $97 in the near future.  If you act fast, you can lock in the rate of $77 per month, and that rate will never go up once you secure your place.

Of course, you can cancel your membership at any time, with 30 days notice.

You’re not REALLY thinking the investment is too high, are you?

Well, if you are…you’re just cheating yourself.  I can easily make the case that the profit increases from implementing just ONE of the instant, ready-to-use systems in each issue will more than recoup your investment.  And every issue is packed with numerous instant, easy to implement, systems. Frankly, if you feel you can’t afford this, then you NEED this more than anyone else!  Remember, each step-by-step formula I share is proven to produce profit!  It’s the very same insider information that many successful (and informed) entrepreneurs are using to explode their businesses.
If you’re “cash tight” and tempted not to invest in this publication, think again.  You NEED this.

There are 2 easy ways to take advantage of this special opportunity,
and we can ship your new ‘Microwave Marketing’ package TODAY:

1. You can click on the blue ‘order’ button below, then complete your name/address etc and your order will be processed online through our secure server.

2. You can call my office from 9am to 5pm MST at 1-888-652-0196 and we can process your request over the phone.


My Personal
Double Your Money Back

I’m confident that you’ll fall in love with Microwave Marketing as your most practical source of business help.  If after evaluating your first issue of ‘Microwave Marketing’ you decide that it’s not for you, send it back to us with some proof that you implemented just one of the ’30 Mins or Less’ marketing systems, and we’ll refund DOUBLE the amount that you paid.  That’s a promise.  No hassles, no hard feelings. You MUST be completely satisfied.  If not, I want you to send it back.

Listen, if you’re serious about advancing your business, there’s no excuse for letting this opportunity slip through your fingers.  Don’t be left out!  The next move is easy, but it’s up to you.  Order now, you won’t regret it..


Andrew Lock

Committed To Helping You Explode YOUR Income!

P.S. If you’re still undecided, re-read my bold, ‘double your money back guarantee.’ You won’t want to miss a single issue of ‘Microwave Marketing’, so act fast, take me up on the low, $77 per month and be guaranteed to lock-in this low rate before the price increases again.  And remember, you’ll be taking Microwave Marketing for a ‘test drive’ at my risk.

P.P.S. Sign up right now and you'll also qualify for a FREE copy of my exclusive, eye-opening Special Report: “How to Trigger The Phenomenon in Your Life” – this is a unique guide that has had rave reviews as the perfect follow up to the DVD movie, ‘The Phenomenon’ in which I was featured.  I discuss each trigger in depth with numerous practical examples showing how you can duplicate the same results.

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 “ I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself…”

"Andrew is on the cutting-edge and way ahead of his time."

- Nathan Bailey, Provo, UT

"On Friday I took out the two hours to devour my first copy of MICROWAVE MARKETING – went through CD first and on same day devoured Newsletter – I love it!!! – It was just so helpful on a number of fronts. I love the simple presentation, makes it so easy to implement, even the little tips were great – I managed to implement in same session the following: Finding Keywords, Google toolbar for page rank, modified my email handling!(Six Tips for reducing email overload), got starter subscription to *********** to try out to help with my researching sites."

- Kevin Ryan, Richmond, Graet Britain

"We've implemented real ways to drive additional traffic that I wasn't seeing before, to multiple different websites, so I'll be getting new customers immediately.   I have a tremendous amount of respect for Andrew Lock.   He's extremely knowledgeable and down to earth.   Quite frankly, he's … a fun guy to learn from."

- Tim Schmidt, Jackson, WI

"Andrew’s stuff is GREAT. I highly recommend it.  It's already paid for itself and has already made me money.”

- Greg Zobel, Orlando, FL

“I now know EXACTLY what to do.  I know where to start.  I know what to avoid, and I know each step along the way to make it happen. I am truly excited to add this cutting-edge knowledge to my expanding Internet businesses.  Thank you, Andrew!”

- Dr Randy Cale,

"Don't hesitate at all, this is it. This will take you from beginner to experienced in no time. Andrew is very personable, very caring, very smart."

- JoLyn Cornelsen, Bush Prairie, WA

"You've.. shown me how to use (the system). I'm very excited about putting what I've learned into play.  I learned about the wide scope of the Internet, and the wide range and scope of products. What Andrew showed me, what he's using, are really phenomenal.  I'm not a technical person
so that's priceless."

- Michael Boyter, San Francisco, CA

"I really feel Andrew over delivered."

- Nancy Singleton, Sandy, UT

"I just had to sit there and smile at the genius of this system."

- Mike Denison, Salt Lake City, UT

"I'm absolutely amazed..."

- Peter Woodhead, Great Britain

"Everything I've learned at the conference this weekend has confirmed what I expected - which is that there's a tremendous opportunity, and I'm absolutely certain that Andrew Lock is the only one that has

a firm grasp on it."

- Rex Fuller, Chicago, IL

"The man (Andrew) has a LOT of knowledge, he really knows what he’s talking about.  I was astounded!"

- Terry Chauvous, August, SC

"I have to admit that I'm very jaded with the whole 'Internet marketing' thing. This year alone I've spent close to $9,000 on programs and many of these things don't pan out. I'm at the point where I can't take it much longerI know from my own experience that ...the things Andrew talked about WILL work."

Bryan Toder, Lafayette Hill, PA

“I recommend all of Andrew’s information without hesitation.”

- Carol Tuttle, Draper, UT

“I recently discovered Andrew Lock’s renegade strategies and I am convinced they will improve my own business markedly to the
tune of tens of thousands every month.”

Leo Quinn, New York, NY

“Andrew’s business insights and breakthrough’s are simply revolutionary.”

- Dr Joseph Mercola, Chicago, Il

“Andrew's information is easily by far the most comprehensive and valuable out of them all. He's made it simple, and it's all you need"

- Mike Dillard, Austin, TX

“I learned tips, tricks, and strategies that I’ve never
heard ANYONE else discuss.”

- Allyn Cutts,

“Andrew has invented a system that any business owner can use to explode their income.  This resource is well worth studying.”

- Yanik Silver, Bethesda, MD

“I was totally amazed at such an easy to follow system to start generating more leads, more customers, and most importantly, more money!  This is an awesome resource.  Highly recommended.”

- Andrew Fox

"From what I saw and from my own calculations, you'll definitely make your money back, I can't see how anyone wouldn't.”

 - Cate Brizzell, Ballston Spa, NY